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November 9, 2016 / brockbruce

Seeking The King. Praying For The President.

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Yesterday on Facebook I shared that regardless of the outcome that I was committed to praying for our newly elected president. This morning, with my family huddled around me, I lifted up Donald Trump in prayer.

If you didn’t stay up into the wee hours of the morning, chances are you were a bit surprised, shocked, perplexed, bewildered, saddened, or exuberant at the news that America had elected as it’s 45th President, Donald Trump.

Truth be told I wasn’t a fan of Trump. I didn’t even vote for him.

Truth be told I wasn’t a fan of Hillary. I didn’t even vote for her.

I voted my conscience. I committed it to the LORD. I trusted Him. I still trust Him.

I don’t rejoice this morning in the election of Donald Trump. But I wouldn’t have rejoiced in the election Hillary Clinton either. I’m not satisfied. Not because we didn’t elect the president I hoped, or the one I voted for in the primary. I’m not satisfied because I’m longing for a King and a Kingdom to whom I belong but don’t yet experience in fullness. That longing makes me restless. It makes me uncomfortable in the constrains of political party affiliation. Kingdom restlessness. I long for that city whose builder and maker is God. I long to see that city come down. I pray Thy Kingdom come. But I don’t just pray. I participate but fall far short, of living Kingdom priorities in the earth as it is in heaven. John the Revelator tells me I’m a king and a priest. But I’m a broken one at best. As an active citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom I don’t find much comfort here. I don’t find solace in the systems of this world. In the systems of the nation. America isn’t the Church. America isn’t the Kingdom. I often feel out of place. I’m not the only one. Every Kingdom citizen feels like a refugee. At least we should. We can’t get too comfortable here. Comfort in this world’s system causes us to stop longing for the Kingdom. We can’t stop longing.

Often I fear that many Christians in America have stopped longing. We still long for the blessings of the Kingdom, but we’ve stopped longing for the Kingdom. We want all the blessings without submission to the King. We place American Rights above Kingdom Priorities. But we are Kingdom people first.

Peter reminds us that judgement begins with the house of God. A time of purifying. A time of shaking the things we cling to that must be released for the church to be a spotless bride. We belong to Kingdom that cannot be shaken. But every thing that can be shaken will be shaken. And we must see the shaking out as mercy even in the judgement.

So I pray.

I pray first for the Church. I pray that we wouldn’t allow ourselves to become enslaved to a political party. I pray we wouldn’t see ourselves as Americans before we see ourselves as Kingdom citizens. I pray that we wouldn’t give up Kingdom principles for political agendas and power. I pray that we wouldn’t be a divided church. But that we would be a unified Church, neither male nor female, slave nor free, not divided by color, or politics, but one as the Father and the Son are one. I pray that we would be known by our love – love for one another and love for the lost. I pray that a great Spiritual Awakening would occur in the Church and pour out into the streets. I pray that laborers would go out into the harvest. I pray that the church would do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. I pray that we wouldn’t allow fear to determine how we live. I pray we would resist evil and stand for righteousness. I pray that Jesus would be exalted. For anything less will leave the church powerless and marginalized, unable to be a voice crying in the wilderness. I pray that the church would let the mind that was in Christ Jesus be our mind. His perspective our perspective. His agenda our agenda. I pray that the church would lead from a posture of humility not a posture of power. It’s in humility that we have authority. It’s in the authoritative humility of Christ that the sick touched his garments, that the demonized were delivered, that the hungry were fed, that the poor were set free, that the captive was loosed, that the sinner was forgiven, that the Kingdom was proclaimed. I pray for the church.

I pray for America.

I seek the welfare of the nation as an exiled Israel sought the welfare of the city. That God’s people would live peaceable, godly lives in the nation in which we live. I pray that a Spiritual Awakening, an Awakening that only comes through prayer and faithful gospel proclamation,  would bring in a harvest of souls. I pray that America would be a land of missionaries, taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. I pray that a new culture of Life would take root. From the unborn baby to the criminal. From the black youth to the immigrant. From the police officer to the social worker. From the middle-class worker addicted to prescription drugs to the factory worker who feels abandoned and doesn’t know how to keep going. I pray a culture of Life would be resurrected in America. I pray that righteousness would be exalted in our nation. That America would come to its senses on issues of moral consequence. I pray that the Church would lead the way in truth and love. I pray that America would be healed. I pray for racial healing. I pray for those affected by gentrification. I pray for the unemployed and under-employed. I pray for the rich and I pray for the poor. I pray that America would live up to her greatest potential. I pray for America.

I pray for President-Elect Donald Trump.

Understanding that governments are ordained by You and that all nations are ultimately under Your rule, I pray that Donald Trump would be a faithful witness and walk in disciplined obedience to Your Word. I pray that he would humble himself and seek the face of God. I pray He would lead from a posture of humility. I pray that he would lead with wisdom that only comes from the hand of the Almighty. I pray that he would see that all lives are image-bearers of our Creator. I pray that he would surround himself with godly counsel and faithful witnesses of the gospel. I pray that he would lead the nation to repentance from a posture of repentance. I pray that the words of his mouth and the mediation of his heart would be acceptable and pleasing to You, oh God. I pray that he would take steps to bring racial healing to our nation. I pray that he would fulfill his promise to be a pro-life president. I pray that the culture that he has benefited from in the past, a culture that devalues and degrades women, would be transformed as he is transformed by the renewing of his mind. I pray for his security. I pray that his policies would be just and equitable. I pray for Donald Trump.

I pray that the Spirit of God would blow from the Church House through the White House. From the Appalachian  Mountains to the Midwestern Plains. From the Pacific Coast to the Florida Keys. From New England to the Puget Sound. Let Your Spirit blow through the trees and rustle the leaves of our hearts, removing any dead branches and making room for fresh growth. And may Your Spirit stir the heart of our President, our Nation, Your Church and me.

I also pray for myself. I pray that I would be convicted when I criticize before I’m consecrated. I pray that I would be humble as I speak to issues of Kingdom importance. I pray that I would represent the King and the Kingdom well. I pray I wouldn’t vilify or demonize those with whom I disagree but would disagree with civility and grace. I pray that I would live out the gospel that I say I believe. I pray for myself.

In Jesus Name.

I seek the King. I pray for the President.







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