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January 31, 2014 / brockbruce

Tongues and Interpretation

An understanding of 1 Cor 14 that I think makes a lot of sense…

Adrian Birks over at Think Theology blog tackles the “controversial” subject of tongues and interpretation. I want to share some here in hopes that you will click on over to his post and read it.

“Firstly, we should remind ourselves that spiritual gifts are given to the ‘the body of Christ’ for the building up of the church (12:12-20). Speaking in tongues is a God-ward and therefore prayer-like activity for the building up only of the individual since it is unintelligible to others (14:2), whereas the interpretation of a tongue is, like prophecy, for the building up of the church (14:4-19). There are then two assumptions behind this passage, namely that spiritual gifts will operate in church gatherings, and unbelievers will be present in at least some of these meetings…

So far so good, but how should this be applied? What kind of prophecy and tongues is Paul referring to? Is he referring to what we call ‘singing in the Spirit’ or something else? Furthermore, some seem to say something that Paul does not say in restricting these gifts to believers meetings alone…”

Please check it out. I think he makes some good points about what tongues being a sign for unbelievers means. It’s something that many people try to make sense of but really don’t. He does. 

Again, let me encourage you to let the Spirit help you pray. You don’t need the “Gift of Tongues” to pray in the Spirit. The “Gift of Tongues” is for the church and requires an interpretation for the church to be edified. Praying in the Spirit is for personal edification. It builds up the person praying. Doesn’t require an interpretation. And Paul wishes everyone would do it. Let the Spirit help you pray.


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