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March 27, 2013 / brockbruce

Jesus Loves Equally

Jesus loves homosexuals equally as much as heterosexuals. He loves them so much he died for their sin as much as for my sin. He rose again to make us both new creations (1 COR 6:9-11). We must love them. We must love truth. It can be a tightrope to walk but we must balance truth and love as Jesus did. Homosexual behavior is sin. Sin that Jesus died to conquer. Like he died to conquer my sin. If you are struggling with this particular sin, the Spirit of Christ will help you to not give into temptation and will make you new.
We also, as Christians, must understand that marriage is God instituted, ordained and designed. To think less of marriage than God does is corrupt thinking and is to be put away by the power of the Spirit (EPH 4:17-24). God created us in His image, male and female, he created us. Marriage is about more than feelings or social security benefits, it’s about Jesus and his people (EPH 5:31-33).
Having said that some will think I’m a homophobe spewing hate-speech. I am not. If you’re a homosexual, I love you. I just believe that God’s word is the standard for faith and life. And I welcome you to church on Sunday to hear about the risen Savior who died for both of our sins, setting us free from its power over us and enabling us to live holy as He is holy.


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