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March 21, 2013 / brockbruce

Men, We Need Help

I was reading about the word “helper” in Genesis 2 and it got me thinking. I was just gonna tweet a short thought about it but it turned into this blog post. This is said in love to spur us men into action. And if you agree with the spirit of the message I hope you’ll share it. So here goes.

Men, why do we abuse the word “helper” to suit our fancy? When we say that God is our helper (Ps 54:4) we recognize our need for help. That we are the needy one. That we need God. That men are sinners in need of restoration. But when we quote Genesis 2:18 we twist the meaning of helper to subjugate women to become our servant. Like we are gods and our wives sinners in our angry hands. We have flipped the word on its head.
The Holy Spirit is called the helper, he goes along side of us. Eve came out of Adam’s side to go along side him. Just as we need the Spirit to go along side us to help us, we need our wives to help us.
Men, we are needy. God said so. So he gave us a wife, a helper. One whom we are to love and protect and serve humbly. To build up and not tear down. Too often instead of letting her go along side of us, we try to push her to the background.
Yes I believe in biblical complementarianism. Husbands have a God-given responsibility to lead and serve their families spiritually. But I don’t believe in chauvinism. Men aren’t to be kings in a castle barking orders at his “subjects”. Husbands, we must lead, and as any good leader knows, leading often means asking for help. Is either the leader or helper in a more honored place? No. Because the leader can’t do it alone and the helper can help unless given the opportunity.
We need more men to step up and be men. Take responsibility, honor their wives, love their kids, work hard, love Jesus, serve the church. But we don’t need men who think they are gods but act like spoiled boys.
Husbands lead like Jesus and quit twisting scripture to pad your ego. Because if you don’t, God will stop listening to you (1 Peter 3:7). And you might end up twisted.


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