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March 5, 2013 / brockbruce

Ministry Teams


It’s great to part of a team. The camaraderie. The purpose. The enjoyment. The focus. The mission. It’s even greater to be part of a team that whose purpose is to lift up Jesus, serve the church, and serve others. Our church feels like the best parts of a team. caring, concerned, loving, wanting the best for one another, wanting to live one mission and live life to the fullest.

As a church, we all belong to the same body, but we all play different roles. All for one purpose, to lift up Jesus and build the church. One purpose, carried out in multiple ways. And as one body with different roles we look to see where we can best use our giftings, our God given abilities and desires, to serve others both in the church and outside of the church. We do that through ministry teams.

So what ministry team do feel drawn to? Wait, you didn’t know we had ministry teams? We do. And each one is specific to an area where you can serve. Here is a list of some basic ministry teams and a description of each.

     Prayer Times
     Set up communion
     Serve in the Altar
     Plan church-wide events
     Plan community/social gospel initiatives
     Plan baptisms and baby dedications
     Plan weekly Pastor’s breakfast
     Parking Attendants
     Door Greeters
     Welcome Center
     Distribute Visitor Cards
     Create, monitor and maintain signage
     Ensure thematic elements are included in all promotional material inside and outside church
     Develop creative way to promote events
     Stage and set design for church sermon series and special events
     Make sure instruments and equipment is ready
     Oversee A/V
     Operate & oversee cinematography
     Oversee PA
     Oversee Worship Software
     Manage Web/IT
     Receive visitor cards
     Welcome Center
     Map out location of visitors
     Bakers & Takers
     Invite to Coffee with the Pastor
     Conduct weekly worship service
     Conduct monthly fun activities
     Contact visitors
     Oversee nursery
     Conduct children’s church
     Oversee Midweek clubs
     Work with outreach team to plan Spring, Harvest, and VBS activities
Each of these teams work with me (the pastor) to ensure the ministries of The Vine. We are a new church. A growing church. A church that desires to ministry to people both inside the walls of the church and outside. Lets come together and serve alongside Jesus.
Which of these teams are you praying about committing to? Let’s do this together! Now go vote for your ministry team of Facebook.
*for the safety and security of our children and youth these teams may require a background check.

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