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November 17, 2009 / brockbruce

Our True Immortal Hero

Are you looking for a biblical way to respond to the Twilight craze? Kimberly Powers, a national speaker devoted to helping girls realize who they are in Christ, has written “Escaping the Vampire” to help you find the True Immortal Hero. Wanna know more? Her web site says “Author and conference speaker Kimberly Powers explores this question in her new book, Escaping the Vampire: Desperate For The Immortal Hero. Powers reveals why Vampire Lit strikes such a chord among teen girls, revealing their hearts’ profound desire to be fought for and protected, and to share life with an immortal hero. Yet the reality is, these young women face their own dark demons. More than any other generation behind them, they battle daily the “life-sucking” issues of divorce, abuse, sexual tension, boredom, and depression. Satan, the Ultimate Vampire, preys upon these girls by offering illusions of escape—sexual activity, cutting, fantasy, perfectionism, substance abuse, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships— only to sink his fangs further into their lives, plunging his victims into deeper pain, paralysis, and hopelessness.
Written for Twilight fans, Escaping the Vampire draws on themes presented in the popular series— romance, superhuman powers, mystery and adventure—to offer girls a real Immortal Hero who sacrificially loves, fiercely protects, and never abandons. Powers weaves vampire lore with biblical truths and real-life stories, making a compelling presentation of Christ as the true escape from sin’s life- sucking traps and the only fulfillment of the heart’s deepest desires. Moms and youth mentors will appreciate insight into the Twilight obsession and find tools to engage with their daughters on these important subjects.”
Check out what Terry Delaney at has to say, ‘Divided into three parts, Kimberly first sets out to shatter the illusion of the “epic love story” found in most vampire novels. She explains how the allure of the vampire mystique leads down a dark road that would frighten most young ladies (and men) away in real life. Sadly, the longing for a deep, unconditional love causes the young woman to continue venturing down the dark road–the promise of that love is too irresistible.
After showing how hollow and dark vampire tales really are, Kimberly points the reader to the One who does love unconditionally and sent His Son to rescue us all in what is truly the most epic love story of all time. This moves us into the second part of her book where the reader learns Who this person is that loves her so much to die for her. Kimberly shows how we are in need of forgiveness and how we are rescued by His love which leads to our understanding of what we must do to have a relationship with this Man.
The third part helps the young girl to understand who she is in Christ. She will see His undying love for her played out in the real world and not on the pages of some fantasy novel. Ultimately, by the end of this book, the reader will come face to face with the One who lived, died, and lived again so that we can have a relationship with Him.
I would encourage anyone who enjoys the series or anyone who is a parent of someone who enjoys the series to check out her website. There you can read a chapter of the book, Escaping the Vampire, watch some video of Kimberly’s sessions, as well as check out a really cool resource for mom’s (or teens) called mom’s resource that you can discuss with your teens or your friends about how we can and why we should Escape the Vampire. You can also Hear Kimberly Powers talk about the book here. I hope you will check it out.


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