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November 3, 2009 / brockbruce

Student Rights in Public Schools

A question came up today with one of my youth ministry students regarding their right to read the Bible at school.I told them that of course the had the right to read the Bible at school. But if you want a more authoritative word than mine check out this post from Answers in Genesis. They site law and answer specific questions including…
1. May a student use a pencil or notebook with a Christian slogan or Bible verse printed on it?
2. May a student wear a tee-shirt or button with a religious slogan, Bible verse, or anti-abortion message printed on it?
3. May a student give out Gospel tracts or religious literature to his classmates?
4. May a student witness to his classmates about Jesus or pray with other students on the school campus?
5. May a student say grace before eating his lunch?
6. May a student read the Bible during the school day?
7. May students organize Bible clubs in public schools?
8. May students write book reports or English themes or do oral assignments based on religious subjects?
9. May Christian students be excused from participation in activities they find objectionable?
10. May student graduation speakers mention their Christian faith and/or read from the Bible?
There are a couple more that they answer as well. Check it out if you feel like your light is trying to be put out.


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