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September 24, 2009 / brockbruce

Album of the Week. David Crowder* Band – Church Music

This week I want to spotlight an amazing band with an amazing new album. David Crowder* Band’s Church Music is musical and lyrical genius. The album flow for 73 minutes of uninterrupted worship. Though this may or may not be the music style of your church, this is no doubt church music. Asked by how he defines what is church music Crowder says, “Church music is music of the Christian church used for congregational singing. Pliny the Younger, a Roman statesman in the first and second centuries, wrote emperor Trajan asking for advice in how to deal with Christians, of which he’d had little experience with. One thing he uses to define them is, “They sing songs as if to a God.” To me, that defines the purpose of Church music.” Read the whole interview here as well as their review of the album here.
Musically they cover electronica, classic rock, pop, piano ballads, with superb production, Each song flows into the next with layered beats and strings. Lyrically David Crowder sings songs of corporate worship focusing on the hope and truth found in Christ.
Buy it on iTunes here, or go to David Crowder* Band’s Church Music website to listen.


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