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September 8, 2009 / brockbruce


Monday’s inMotion, Creative Worship teams, FUEL youth Wednesday’s, Outpour, Club FUEL, Lock-ins, events, retreats, activities, 5th quarter, theMovement, Winterfest… These are some of the things we do as FUEL youth. We have a very active youth ministry at LaFayette Church of God. We strive to provide a place where middle and high schools students feel loved, accepted and important to us and to God their creator. We want our students to know that God loves them and created them with purpose. That He is the answer to all of their questions. He is the calm in middle of their storms. He is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life in this chaos of adolescence.
But we need your help. Parents, we want to equip you. Parents, we want to encourage you. Parents, we want to give you an ownership in this youth ministry. We want to join your hand with ours and work together to make our youth ministry even better.
We would like all parents (ok, maybe that’s asking a lot). We would like any parent that wants to play a bigger role in our youth ministry to be part of our P.I.T. Crew. That is our Parent Involvement Team Crew. We will normally meet the first Wednesday’s of every month at 6:15 to discuss and plan activities and answer questions. Tomorrow is the second Wednesday, but we will go ahead and get this started.


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