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August 11, 2009 / brockbruce

Teen Choice Awards 2009

Last night I watched the Teen Choice Awards. What a show. Perhaps it wasn’t as overtly as bad as the MTV VMA’s, but the show was geared for the preteen and teen set. So I’m sure many mom’s aren’t too happy about Miley’s pole dance, at least they shouldn’t be.
I “live”blogged the event on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll repost that here.
“Brock Bruce Odd that a movie called Hangover could be nominated for a Teen Choice award. And they say they don’t market R movies to teens.”
“Brock Bruce I’m sure Billy Ray is proud. I guess Miley was trying to sell ice cream.”
“At least she thanked “God her Father for putting her on the stage”. The pole too I guess. (again, sarcasm)”
“Black eyed peas celebrate getting drunk and taking it off with a bunch of 14 year olds. Nice.”
“It’s official. Brittney is her hero. I can’t wait for the bald pics of Miley.”

For more on the Awards, including the award for “Choice Fabulous” and what that means click here.


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