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June 10, 2009 / brockbruce

MTV is P**N (even if it’s pixilated)

A couple Sunday nights ago I tried to watch MTV. That’s right. As the Pastor of Youth & Christian Education I believe part of my responsibility is to know the schemes of the devil so that I can better equip the students in their walk with Christ. Like I said, I tried to watch it. After the nudity during the first 3 minutes of the show (it was pixilated not that that matters much). I found myself just flipping back and forth catching portions of the show. And after they aired the promo for their new comedies I could stomach no more.

So parents (and anyone else interested in knowing what’s going on in youth culture) in an attempt to keep you in the loop of what fiery darts satan and this world’s system is targeting your teens with, here is a review of the evening from The Source 4 Youth Ministry.

“The show, and the male nudity, began with host Andy Samberg taking the audience on a pre-recorded voyage through a parody of the top flicks of 2008 and 2009. Even though he started off in a third world outhouse (Slumdog Millionaire), his clothes were removed by the naked (parts pixilated) Kate Winslet (The Reader), and he was eventually beamed (Star Trek), minus clothes, into Justin Timberlake’s limo that was en route to the awards show. After awkwardly crawling across JT trying to get out of the limo, giving everyone a pixilated view of his posterior, Samberg took the stage live, and the show was off to a telling start.”

It only gets worse from there. Please click this link to read the entire review from


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