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May 21, 2009 / brockbruce

The Other Miss Cali Controversy

Nancy Lee DeMoss, a wonderful teacher calling women to revival and biblical womanhood, has weighed in on the Miss California controversy (not the gay marriage one by the way). And she has some good things to say. I hinted at this controversy when I suggested the Miss California read our posts on modesty. Here is part of what DeMoss has to say,
“By and large, young adults who have grown up in our evangelical homes, churches, and schools, are buying into a message that they have seen modeled by those around them who call themselves Christians—namely, that Christianity can be divorced from Christ-likeness, and that practical holiness in everyday life is out-dated, irrelevant, or optional.
Carrie Prejean’s situation highlights the desperate need for Titus 2 “older women”—mothers, youth workers, mentors—to take an active role in the training and discipleship of younger women—teaching them to live out the implications of the gospel in every area of their lives.”
I completely agree with her assessment of the situation. If you spent any time talking with me about modesty the past month or so, I undoubtably brought up Titus 2. Older women must take the lead in teaching young ladies the importance of modesty, biblical femininity, and Christ-likeness. You can read the complete blog from Nancy Lee Demoss here. I think it’s worth a click.


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