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April 24, 2009 / brockbruce

Speak the Truth in Love (Eph 4:15)

In a recent blog at, Albert Mohler shares insight into speaking the truth in love. The theme center’s on those in the homosexual community and the the church’s responsibility to love them in truth. Here is part of what he wrote.

Mohler writes,”Our churches must teach the basics of biblical morality to Christians who will otherwise never know that the Bible prescribes a model for sexual relationships. Young people must be told the truth about homosexuality–and taught to esteem marriage as God’s intention for human sexual relatedness.
The times demand Christian courage. These days, courage means that preachers and Christian leaders must set an agenda for biblical confrontation, and not shrink from dealing with the full range of issues related to homosexuality. We must talk about what the Bible teaches about gender–what it means to be a man or a woman. We must talk about God’s gift of sex and the covenant of marriage. And we must talk honestly about what homosexuality is, and why God has condemned this sin as an abomination in His sight.
And yet, even as courage is required, the times call for another Christian virtue as well–compassion. The tragic fact is that every congregation is almost certain to include persons struggling with homosexual desire or even involved in homosexual acts. Outside the walls of the church, homosexuals are waiting to see if the Christian church has anything more to say, after we declare that homosexuality is a sin.
Biblical Christians know that compassion requires telling the truth, and refusing to call sin something sinless. To hide or deny the sinfulness of sin is to lie, and there is no compassion in such a deadly deception. True compassion demands speaking the truth in love–and there is the problem. Far too often, our courage is more evident than our compassion.”

Mohler is right on with his understanding of truth and love. Many Christian’s have shouted about the evil’s of homosexuality so loudly that no one can get close enough to see Christ. Reminds me of watching Bill O’Rielly, he shouts so loudly I can’t hear what he is saying. We must be in love with the truth, but we must speak the truth in love. Something God is reminding me of daily. To read the complete article click here.


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