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March 12, 2009 / brockbruce

Winterfest 212° Anticipation

Tomorrow. 7:30am. FUEL youth. Bus. Knoxville. WINTERFEST 212°. ARE YOU EXCITED YET??? I know you are. The chatter has grown into a rumble, even the FBI is hearing it. (ok that may or may not be true). But I’m sure your friends and family are hearing it. YOU ARE READY! But just to get you a little more excited and let the church in on some of the details of this weekend, here is some more information. You can head over to learn more about Winterfest and the artists/ministers that will be there. People like Jenzten Franklin, Casting Crowns, Reggie Dabbs (here too), Tommy Bates, Israel Houghton, and Eddie James. You can also go over to to watch the sessions live via streaming on this crazy thing called the world wide web. And if you scroll down a bit on this blog, you can catch the Promo I put together from some of our trips along with the promo clip from the COG YCE. Now that you clicked on all those links, go pack your bags. We leave early! Oh, and a BIG THANKS to all who helped sponsor us on this trip. You are sowing seeds, and you will reap a harvest.


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