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March 12, 2009 / brockbruce

Modest is Hottest: Recap

Wrapping up the Modest is Hottest series I wanted to give you the links to all the posts in one easy to find location. So I did.

Part 1 – An Introduction to Modesty also known as Meet Jenni.

Part 2 – Modesty is Humility in Dress.

Part 3 – Rebelution’s Modesty Survey. Find out what guys think needs to be covered up. You might be surprised what guys think about you based on your clothes.

Part 4 – What do Modest Clothes Look Like? Good question. Click the link for some ideas.

Part 5 – Shopping. This post links to several modest fashion designers. Check them out. You may be surprised.

Part 6 – A Guy’s Struggle. Guys, many of you will relate to what the two guys in this post are going through. Girl, you may be surprised.

Part 7 – A Father’s Role. Dad’s this one is for you.

Part 8 – A Girls’ Perspective. Sort of a series within a series. This links you to posts from a girls point of view.

Part 9 – Good Works & Good Looks. What matters most to you? Can you have both? Read it find out.

Part 10 – A Woman’s Testimony. Hear the rest of Jenni’s story.

So there you have them. The 10 posts from our Modest is Hottest series. I hope that they have been a source of wisdom and encouragement to you as you learn to walk in humility and godliness.


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