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March 9, 2009 / brockbruce

Student Testimony

We’ve really been have a good time on Wednesday’s at FUEL youth. It is amazing what God has been doing. Wednesday one of our girls turned things in her life over to God. Here is her story.

As much as some people don’t know I’ve had a really difficult life. Sometimes I feel like doing really stupid things, for many different reasons. My life is a disaster and I’ve really wanted God to be in my life. Because if you have God in your life you can survive anything! I’m getting closer and closer to God. I’ve done so much things in my life to have a bad reputation and I got saved on Wednesday, March 4 2009. I’ve been trying so hard to stop cussing and doing things I’ve done and God is really working in my life! I pray every night for God help me and be with me. And I pray for my dad so that he would actually be a part of my life. It’s been really hard I want God to turn my life around and I want to live my life for eternity with him! I’ve been praying for about 4 years now that God would turn my life around just to be with him and do the good things in life. I can’t really explain the feelings I have when God is working, but that gives me a hunger for God. He is awesome. I love him so much. I’ve always been afraid of what people will think, but now that I got God in my life I don’t care what people think. I will shout and rejoice and be glad in it. When I didn’t have God in my life I always felt like crying, but know that I have God in my life I’m always happy, smiling, dancing, but it makes me feel so good. I just can’t explain the feeling that I have. But I love him so much. He is my everything.
-Whitney Holcomb

Cool. God is so Good. Be on the lookout for more students testimonies.


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  1. Anonymous / Mar 10 2009 9:42 pm

    I read that the first day she wrote it.I was so happy to see her excited and smiling to have God back in her life.I wish there were more Teen’s out there that shared there love for God and not be afraid or embarrassed to share there love!nO ONE SHOULD EVER BE EMBARRASSED TO TALK ABOUT God he’s done to much for us and we should let the world know!Let them know that they have everything when they have God!Whiteny is a very strong person and i believe God has many great thing’s for her and the people like her in life!GOD IS AMAZING!

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