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February 27, 2009 / brockbruce

15 Weeks With Jesus: Happy are the Poor?

We’ve been doing 15 Week With Jesus for a few weeks. Matter of fact we are about half way thru and it’s been awesome. I hope you’ve been taking notes, because we’ve really been getting into the word. I’ve told you guys practically every week that these aren’t typical “youth ministry” sermons. And that’s been intentional. I believe that there is a lack of real biblical knowledge that only comes from sermon’s deeper than a talk about dating, or friendship. Don’t get me wrong, those topics need to be addressed from a biblical worldview. But I believe that more you hear “thru the Bible” teaching, the more you understand what a biblical worldview is. It’s about making disciples. Followers of Christ. Not just good people. Because the more you understand salvation and Christ’s work on earth, the more you understand just how “ungood” you are.

That’s what I loved about the last Batman movie “The Dark Night”. It really made me think about the complete depravity (that’s a big word for “ungood”) of man. Every person deep down has to struggle with doing the right thing. About treating people justly. About loving you enemies. (To take a scene from the movie) blowing up the other boat. Every one of use has to rely on Christ at work in us to do good. To be good. Our goodness never comes from ourselves. It can’t. It is a gift from God.
Lets look at Matthew 5. Blessed (happy) are the poor in spirit. The greek word gives the picture of a beggar. A person so totally empty and broken that they are forced to beg for all they have.

We must realize that we are desperate on our own. That we are not and can never be righteous, pleasing to God, on our own. We are like the beggar- broke. Without any goodness on our own. God tells us that there is no one good (ROM 3:10, PS 14:1-3, PS 53:1-3) And even if we do anything that we could consider good, in comparission with God’s goodness, righteousness, it is no better than a dirty rag used as a bandage. Because we think we can bandage our own sins by being good. But we can’t. It’s dirty goodness. (IS 64:6) Imperfect. The church in Laodicea thought they were rich, wealthy (REV 3). GOD said no, apart from me you are poor. We must recognize that we are poor and need HIS riches in glory. Happy are the poor in spirit.


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  1. Anonymous / Feb 28 2009 12:59 am

    Brock, great blog post! I wish the entire church could hear your teaching. It sounds awesome! Thank you for being so diligent in teaching the truth of the word to the young people of our church. – MOM

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