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September 11, 2008 / brockbruce

UNDEROATH (updated)

Underoath, the biggest name in Christian hardcore/metal came out with a new album last week. The band is so big that their 2006 album “They’re Only Chasing Safety” hit #2 on the Billboard album chart. has an interesting interview with them. Here’s part of it. (click it to enlarge)

So, what do you think? Do bands (Christian or not) have a responsibility lyrically to encourage others to live better? To be better people?

(UPDATE) Some thoughts have been posted about this post here, which is really the point behind the post; to get you thinking. So I thought I would share my thoughts on the subject. 

Anyone that holds a place of “spotlight” (athletes, pop stars, bands, teachers, congressmen, presidents) has a responsibility to encourage those looking at them to make good decisions. Now, we can never expect anyone that doesn’t have a relationship with Christ to point someone to Christ, but we can desire them to encourage behavior that benefits society.
Again, thanks for your thoughts on the subject. Dialog is cool.


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