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March 11, 2008 / brockbruce

Water. (part of a study i am doing to prepare myself for winterfest)

Without water people thirst. Sounds simple, because its a truth that we all understand, but it’s profound. In Exodus 17:20 water was turned to blood as a plague against Egypt due to Pharaoh’s refusal to allow the children of Israel be free. Their freedom would have meant significant economic trouble for Egypt. So God uses water to try to convince Pharaoh to free the Israelites. Thirst is a great motivator. Jesus said that those that hunger and thirst for righteousness would be filled. But to be thirsty you first have to be lacking of the thing that quenches your thirst. So water fulfills the physical need that is manifested by our thirst. We are needy. We are thirsty. We are filled.
Once we are filled we find strength. Like a tree planted by steams of water (Ps 22:14), our roots run deep and strong. Its is fresh water. Cool water. Clear water. Water that has not been tainted by fear and worry. Water that is crisp and pleasing to the body. Water that never dries up. A steady stream of God flowing threw our spirit to wash away what makes us weak, and purify what was unclean. There is strength in the washing, in the purification process. Our roots take in living water. Life is strengthened.
Because we find strength in the water, there is joy in the drawing of it (Is 12:3). In the process of receiving the water, our hearts are not overcome with anxiety but renewal. Joy. Unspeakable and full of glory. The task of drawing water to those unfamiliar with the process can seem mundane, even hard. But not to the one who have tasted it. To the one who has tasted it, it is a time of joy. A process of heavenly duty. A duty that seems more like play than work, more like life than death, more like blessing than cursing. Because it is. Those who see it as heavy labor have not tasted it sweetness.
God wants to pour this water into willing vessels. Not broken cisterns (Jer 2:13), but cisterns that can hold the water. Broken cisterns are vessels crafted by men, not by God. It is man made religion that doesn’t quench thirst. The water in the cisterns is bitter. It is it dirty. It is stale. To those thirsty enough to believe in the lie of these cisterns, it looks good. But it never cleanses, never satisfies, never saves. You must have the living water.
Jesus is that living water. Water that heals, cleanses, gives life, saves, and fulfills. Take a drink and you will never thirst again. (Jn 4:14)


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